Dear Parent/Carer

I want to let you know how hard we are working to improve the issues that some of you are experiencing regarding buses to school from the Boothstown area. This is a huge headache for both you and your children and us as a school. It is certainly not how we wanted to start the school year.

Once parents drew our attention to the issues their children were facing we contacted both the Local Authority and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). We arranged a meeting with TfGM to explain to them the impact that the withdrawal of the 917 service in the morning was having. Unfortunately, they told us that they were unable to replace this service as their records told them that the Y6 & Y7 services were not full in the mornings, although all of the available yellow passes had been issued. They directed us to interview all pupils with yellow passes and find out if they were using the Yellow busses regularly. This has caused some upset and I am sorry for this.

We are also aware that the direction of travel of some of the busses has changed meaning they are slower and we have asked TfGM to look into putting the services back to the previous direction.

Please rest assured that we are using all of the influence that we can muster - we have asked the local Salford Councillor and the Lead Member for Transport to help us in this issue. If it affects you I would invite you to contact your local Councillor and ask them to help in improving the service to your children.

At this point all I can do is apologise for the inconvenience and worry this has caused a number of you.

Simon Lennox