Spelling Bee Year 7 Homework Project

The aim of the Spelling Bee is for students in Year 7 to practise and improve their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in French. You will be given 50 words to learn for each round of the competition. Your teacher will test you on a certain number of words on a regular basis to ensure that you are learning them. 


The words for the first round are included in the booklet which can be downloaded below.

At the end of this term each form will hold a class competition. Each person in the form will have one minute to spell correctly as many words as possible. Your teacher will give you the English words in a random order. You will have to say what the word is in French and then spell it using the French alphabet. You will receive one point for every word translated and spelt correctly in the time limit. You can pass at any time, but you must use the correct French phrase.

In the event of a tie-breaker, a sudden-death round will be played! The winner and the runner-up from each form will go forward to the second round, where they will get a further 50 words to learn. The four winners from this round will go forward to a regional competition, where they will compete against pupils from other schools in the North West. After that there is even a national round……but first things first!!

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