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PE Course Information

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PE Guidance

In order to provide a safe, welcoming and pleasant environment in which to teach pupils Physical Education the PE Department has produced the following policies.
This is not a comprehensive list but one which the department feels covers the majority of the day to day issues experienced by pupils, parents and staff.

PE is one of the five core subjects and as such every pupil is required to fully participate in every aspect of the PE Curriculum.

  • PE kit as set out in the school documentation must be worn for all PE lessons.
  • PE kit and school uniform should be suitably named so that ‘lost’ items can be returned to their rightful owner.
  • Pupils who have a ‘problem’ with kit should bring a suitable alternative and an explanatory note from home. This is a one off, short term solution which the PE Department will be happy to accommodate.
  • Pupils will only be excused from practical lessons for an injury which is accompanied by a note from parents / carers or a medical note. Pupils with long term medical conditions will be expected to bring additional work or suitable reading material to occupy themselves during lesson.
  • The PE Department does not accept notes for illness, e.g. cold/flu as an excuse to miss PE and expects pupils to fully participate as they do in other curriculum areas.
  • Pupils who are excused, are expected to bring kit, so they can participate in a non physical capacity such as referee, score keeper etc. Pupils who forget kit will have a note placed in their planner, behaviour points added and be given an after school detention. Exceptions to this may be made in the case of pupils with long term medical conditions.
  • The PE department does not accept responsibility for pupils valuables. Valuables should be placed in the pupils own locker for secure keeping before the start of the lesson.  Pupils are strongly advised to leave any valuables in their lockers rather than the changing rooms.

If you require further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact the PE Department

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