full_moon_large.jpgAstronomy is the cutting edge of scientific discovery and studying it will enrich opportunities for students. Students will gain an understanding of several Astronomy theories and practices. The history of Astronomy and its cultural impacts are also explored. At the same time, students will improve their research and analytical skills and develop an understanding of recent advances in Astronomy.

To the right is a photo that Mr Toogood captured during March 2009:



UNIT 1:Understanding the Universe

Topics covered:

1 Earth, Moon and the Sun

2 Planetary Systems

3 Stars

4 Galaxies and Cosmology

How will Unit 1 be Assessed?

Externally assessed exam 120 minutes. Worth 75% of the overall GCSE.

UNIT 2 Exploring the Universe

Assessed by Controlled assessment. Internally marked and externally moderated.  Worth 25% of the overall GCSE.




Provides enrichment opportunities for a flexible curriculum at Key Stage 4 or Post-16.

A wide range of delivery options.

Complements GCSE Science and GCSE AS/A Physics.

Clear amplification of subject content.

Coursework guide - A subject suitable for all age groups.


 The two pictures below were taken on the schools telescope by Mr B. Toogood on the 30th Nov the moon is 2 days away from being a full moon.

full_moon_medium.jpg full_moon_zoomed_medium.jpg

Sun and Moon

Exiting New pictures taken by Mr B. Toogood on 20/03.2010

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