Art & Design

Students choosing this option must be committed to taking the exam. The examination consists of two parts:-

  • Coursework
  • A Controlled Test


This will include work done in class time and also any work you do at home either as homework or simply from interest. There are three areas of work:

  1. Drawing and Painting
  2. Mixed Media
  3. 3-Dimensional work.

You must produce work in at least two areas. You may concentrate your efforts in the activities which we think are your best.

Homework is Compulsory

All projects will require homeworks. These may be drawing tasks, working out ideas and designs, researching the work of artists or designers (use library or internet) or occasionally written tasks. Students will need an A3 sketchbook (available from school) and some good drawing and colouring pencils.

Students who do well in this subject are invariably those who are willing to spend time in the art rooms outside of lesson times. The art rooms are open at lunchtime and after school for this purpose; it is often during these sessions that students can get extra “one to one” tuition and make most progress.

Art galleries in Manchester and Salford attract worthwhile exhibitions which students should be encouraged to visit. If families can help in this way it is greatly appreciated. Some are open on Sunday afternoons, admission free.

Controlled Test

This will be work produced unaided and under supervision, accompanied by preliminary/supporting studies as appropriate. The controlled test is designed to show what you have learned during the course and is totally unaided and shows how you can organise yourself to produce a finished and interesting piece of work. You have ten hours to complete this test.

The Exhibition

In June, in our summer exhibition, the best of your coursework and your controlled test work will be displayed for examination. Year 8 students planning to take Art are encouraged to come and see the standard expected by the end of Year 11. The exhibition will be held on Thursday 16th June 2016 6pm-8pm.

Students opting for Art and Design should be:

  • Keen to succeed.
  • Prepared to work outside of class time.
  • Ready to work in a variety of materials.
  • Keen to learn and improve practical skills.

The course is designed to give you a wide choice of activities and let you show off what you can do best. Those interested in careers in design, advertising, fashion, the media, nursery and primary education, theatre, architecture, beauty, hairdressing (and many others) will benefit from this course.

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