All students in Years 10 and 11 follow a course in Mathematics appropriate to their ability and needs. For the majority of students this will lead to a final GCSE examination.

In formulating the courses on offer to the students, regard has been taken of three main principles:-

1. That the methods of teaching and assessment aim to develop the full potential of the individual.

2. That the methods of teaching and assessment should enable each student to demonstrate what they know rather than what they do not know. 

3. That the examination and coursework should not undermine the confidence of the candidate.

Students are taught in sets comparable to their ability. Movement between sets is possible at various times during the year. Students cover the following courses, depending upon which set they are placed.

Our overall intention is to develop the Mathematical ability of the individual to its full potential. Further information on the various courses on offer is available from any Mathematics teacher.

Any students deemed to be near the C/D border potentially will be allocated an extra period of “Study Plus” Mathematics to help ensure they reach the desired C grade.

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