Zone Organisation

Our pastoral structure is divided into Years and our academic structure into Zones. Find out more detailed information about this below, including contact email addresses for staff in each area.


Pastorally, we organise children into one of 5 years; Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11.

You can contact the relevant Head of Year below:

Head of Year 7:Mr. G Healey (Email)

Head of Year 8: Ms. C Hodgkinson (Email)

Head of Year 9: Mr. D Bridge (Email)

Head of Year 10: Mr. L McCabe (Email)

Head of Year 11: Miss. F Warren (Email)



Our subjects are organised into Zones (rather than Departments). Below is a breakdown of each zone and the subjects that belong to it. You are also able to find contact details for staff in each area too.

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core zone


All students in Years 10 and 11 follow a course in Mathematics appropriate to their ability and needs. For the majority of students this will lead to a final GCSE examination.


The English department teaches in mixed ability classes throughout the ability range, including at GCSE.

expression zone


The proposed course in Music includes opportunities for candidates to develop their musical understanding through the interrelated activities of performing/realising and composing, and listening and appraising.

Physical Education

The purpose of the Physical Education course is to give a broader understanding of its importance in both work and leisure.


The GCSE Drama course is for you if you have enjoyed the drama you have done at Key Stage 3 and you want to develop your drama skills.

Media Studies

Do you have an interest in media products such as television, film, magazines, music and advertising? Media Studies is an accessible subject in that it focuses on many of those products that you often use on a daily basis.



G.C.S.E. Dance is for pupils who enjoy performing and choreographing contemporary dance, in groups and as a solo piece. The course also involves the study of prescribed set dance works such as Ghost Dances by Christopher Bruce. Year 11 pupils will sit a theory exam on the set dance works at the end of the year.



creative zone

Art & Design

The course is designed to give you a wide choice of activities and let you show off what you can do best.


Find more information about all the subjects that make up the Technology Department: Graphic Products, Electronics, Food Studies, Resistant Materials and Textiles


global zone


History is a fascinating and useful subject. History is a popular GCSE option and builds upon the skills and knowledge that you have learnt at Key Stage 3.


Geography is about how your life is lived on your planet and why there are differences around the world. What could be more relevant to your future?

Religious Studies

Find more information and documents related to different religions in this section.


If you are interested in the work and the people around you, this is the subject for you. It helps you to make decisions for yourself on all sorts of issues.


This year sees the introduction of the new GCSE for Key Stage 4. We are a language college and so all students will continue to study a language, including students taking vocational courses.



discovery zone


Please find more information on the subjects related to Science.


Walkden deliver Introductory OCR Entry Level Computing and IT at KS3

Today we live in a world where we are ‘Technologically reliant’ therefore it is vitally important that we equip our young people to cope with this

Business Studies

Business Studies is an ideal subject for developing a range of skills which will support you in further studies and/or employment.


Astronomy is the cutting edge of scientific discovery and studying it will enrich opportunities for students.

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