What a fantastic week/Uniform Standards

What a fantastic week it has been. We have had our year 10 students out on College visits looking at the amazing options and choices that lie ahead of them in the not too distant future. They have really enjoyed these and have been excellent ambassadors for the school.

We have taken over 800 students to Blackpool on a Rewards’ Trip and for those who didn’t fancy the idea of roller coasters we had Challenge 4 Change here to give them some interesting activities to participate in, based around teamwork and resilience.

On Thursday we held a whole-school Sports’ Day which, with the help of some lovely weather, was a fantastic day which allowed all our students to shine, on the field or track or fun events, in refreshments, in helping organise events, in collecting litter and generally cheering each other on. It has been an absolute blast.

And, of course, we have had the pleasure of our Annual Rewards’ Evening where we celebrate our brilliant students. This evening is one of my highlights of the year. It is where we get to see the students who will lead our society onto even greater things; the organisers, the grafters, the compassionate. It is an absolute privilege to work with such amazing young people.

There is a saying that talks about us standing on the shoulders of giants. In this job I always feel like we are lifting giants up. Our young people are amazing.

They truly are Walkden STARS.

I wanted to use this opportunity to make sure that you are aware of our changes to the timings of the school day from September. We sent a letter home with your child on Monday with full details of these changes and a copy is available on the school website. The main changes are that we will expect students to be in form rooms at 8:30am and they will finish their timetabled school day at 2:50pm.

I also wanted to make sure you are reassured by me that we will not be changing our expectations as far as uniform is concerned. Please don’t buy your child black trainers, black skater shoes, black canvas shoes or anything that doesn’t look like a pair of fairly simple, dull leather school shoes. Our uniform is plain black school shoes – there are loads of them in the shops and supermarkets. We will continue to insist that our students do not wear trainers etc to school unless there is a medical reason to do so.

Also, if you are considering allowing your child to have a piercing then please wait until the start of the summer break to get this done. This will allow your child the six weeks of the summer holidays to tend to their new piercing and will avoid us getting into an argument with your child about removing the piercing. We allow students to wear one gold or silver stud in each ear – no loops, hoops, stretcher, nose, tongue or multiple piercings allowed.

Finally, do not buy your son canvas/jean-like trousers or your daughter clingy lycra skirts – we do not accept them. Uniform is very simple – traditional black school trousers and traditional black school skirts.

We do understand that buying uniform can be a minefield, which is why we don’t change our expectations and why we have stuck with traditional, affordable uniform.

Simon Lennox

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