Uniform Reminder

As we move closer to Christmas I feel it a good time to reiterate our uniform policy regarding jumpers, jewellery and shoes in case you are tempted, by your child, into buying them a sweater for school, or a piercing for the New Year, or some trainers that are ―OK for lessons‖. Our uniform is fairly simple.

Jumpers printed with our logo are the acceptable jumpers and these are available through the usual range of uniform providers. We will not allow students to wear other jumpers and hoodies in school.

Piercings should not be gifted to your child unless you and they are happy for the piercing to be removed during the school day – plasters over piercings are not acceptable. The only exception to this is if your child gets their ear lobes pierced. They can wear one single gold or silver stud in each ear. If getting ear lobes pierced insist that a gold or silver stud is used as the sleeper.

Our policy on shoes allows you to buy the most affordable shoes on the market – simple, plain black leather school shoes. We will not allow trainers, skating shoes, canvas shoes etc to be worn to school. If these are worn to school we will expect your child to change into a pair of the shoes that we have in our pastoral office until they can attend school in uniform.

The build up to Christmas is a fairly stressful time for many families. I hope our simple, unchanging approach to uniform helps you to deflect some of the 'pester power‘ that your child may unleash on you in the shops.

Remember, Christmas is about the gift of love and peace, not shopping and merchandise!!

Mr S Lennox

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