The start of the school day

Our school and community sit in an area that is at one of the most complex knots of road ways in the UK. This can mean, at times, that traffic can be heavy and difficult and we do take this into account sometimes in the morning when children arrive late.
However, we have been suffering recently from children who could be on time for school making themselves late by dawdling at the shops or wandering around rather than getting swiftly into school. Also, many children depend on lifts when perfectly good public transport exists or a bicycle would get them here more quickly. The more children being delivered by car, the more our roads get congested and the slower the trip is – it is a vicious cycle.

Our registration period starts at 8:30am. To be able to get to their form room for 8:30am, children ideally need to be in the building by 8:20am. During registration we deliver part of our personal, social and health education programme, talk to children about any behaviour issues they may have had the previous day, check readiness for school and have assemblies where we deliver important cultural messages. Registration is important – your child needs to be here.

After the Spring Break, to improve punctuality to school we will be shutting all but one of the gates into school at 8:30am. The entrance on Old Clough Lane remains open throughout the day and after 8:30am will be the only way into school. If your child uses the Loopline to gain access to school, once the gate is closed they will have to continue to the red steps that lead up onto the footpath on the East Lancs. Road which they can follow round to Old Clough Lane.

Once the gates are shut, a pupil will be late and will have to do a 25 minute lunchtime detention that day. Failure to attend this detention promptly will lead to an after school detention that you will be informed about via text message. Please speak to your child about being on time for school. The habits formed now will stand them in good stead in their adult lives.

Simon Lennox

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