Paris 2017

Three Coaches, 110 students, 12 staff and enough snuggle blankets, pillows and yumpty treats to comfort and soften the journey? Paris prepare yourself!

Sixteen hours later,we arrived safely at Port of Dover, and waited patiently for the 2:20am ferry. It has to be said; it was a great journey, students and staff remained exceedingly excited and remained safe. Once in Calais, the coach journey continued and we made great progress to France. On arrival, our Coaches went their separate ways, and we all continued to join a carousel of activities: Seine River Cruise, the awesome Montparnasse Tower and sightseeing around the famous. Eiffel Tower. A sunny fun packed day enjoyed by all, although everyone was starving and ready for foodies as we made our way to a typical Parisian Cafe, food and the friendliest hospitality await our arrival. Students enjoyed their freedom and chit chatted whilst patiently waiting for their food to arrive, good old-fashioned Chicken and Chips, it was not long before they were demolishing a Chocolate Éclair! Some of us had more than their fair share, Mr McAndrew!

No time to waste,we are soon making our way to Kyriad hotel. Coach 1 has already checked in and students were making the most of the Hotel Facilities, especially the outside snack bar! Student were given some ?Children only time?and enjoyed making new friends, eating food like it was going out of fashion and singing along to Desperado and Wild Thoughts. (Surprising how many staff had packed their Ear Muffs)! Lights out 10.30 and we had peace, did I just say peace!


Day 2, following a hearty Breakfast, our friendly coach drivers were eager to go and delivered us all safely to Disneyland Paris. On walking up to the entrance, it was clear to see, students faces were a picture of awesomeness, they were rocking with delight, and off they went disappearing into the world of fun. Staff and students had a ball, the Sun had its hat on, and it was a glorious day. Students were told to check in at 5 ready for the parade to begin. Following the parade,we calmly made out way to Planet Hollywood; it was so nice getting together as a group! After Dinner, students had free time to hit the shops, Boy; they know how to spend Money, surprising how popular Starbucks and Stitch suddenly became. Once back at the Hotel, it was clear students just needed to chill, some exhausted through constant excitement and Eating. Lights out at 11 ready for a refreshed early start to Day 3. Day 3,mood was somewhat low during breakfast, students didn?t want to go home, bless.
All packed and ready to go, our chirpy drivers hit the road making good progress to Callis. Once back at Dover, coaches departed and the journey home continued. A fun packed Journey to Paris, fantastic memories to keep and new friendships that students will have forever,more importantly, everyone back in one piece. All students were exemplary, a credit to Parents/Carers and Walkden High School. I would like to thank the staff, their dedication and commitment was overwhelming, it was a pleasure to spend time with you all. A Super Journey for myself and staff, laughter and memories to keep and share.

Thank you Year 8, you were all amazing
Miss Hodgkinson

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Paris 2017

Three Coaches, 110 students, 12 staff and enough snuggle blankets, pillows and yumpty treats to comfort and soften the journey…


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