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In my assembly this week I have been using a presentation prepared by Greater Manchester Police about the law surrounding the taking, sharing and storing of indecent images of children.

I hope our pupils are now clear that the law sees anyone under the age of 18 as a child in this respect. I hope they also understand that taking indecent photographs or creating indecent pseudo-photographs of children is illegal. I hope they understand that sharing images of this type is also illegal and finally I hope that they understand that storing them is illegal too.
I have also used my assembly to be clear, once again, to our pupils on where we stand on certain issues and I will share them here:

Bringing any of the following into school will lead to permanent exclusion:
offensive weapons
drugs – whether illegal or so called ‘legal highs’

Doing the following will lead to exclusion:
smoking in the building or on the premises (cigarettes or e-cigarettes)
deliberately damaging the building/site – and we will charge for repairs
Lastly, in my assembly I provide some feedback from the pupils I’ve spoken to as part of my five-a-day meetings, where I meet with five pupils each morning and ask them a series of questions about school. One of these questions is about what stops them learning in class.

I have only had three answers to date:
other people talking when we’re supposed to be concentrating people messing about and people arguing with the teacher
My message to our pupils is that this sort of behaviour must stop so that we can all learn as quickly and as much as possible. We will all be working very hard to make sure that this type of behaviour disappears from our classrooms.

Please feel free to talk to your child about any/all of the above. The clearer and more repeated a message is, the more people hear it and believe it.

Simon Lennox

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