And Finally...

In the words of Frank Sinatra, “And so, the end is near....”

These weeks, just before the Summer Half-Term holiday, are always strange and difficult for those of us who work in schools. We are deep in the process of throwing everything, including the kitchen sink and various other kitchen appliances, at our year 11 students as they move into their final exams. This means that staff throughout the school are working incredibly long and hard hours; teaching, mentoring, marking trial papers and essays overnight, supporting those students who are finding the whole exams thing really, really stressful, providing tissues to crying students, lifting moods when frowns appear, chivvying those who still need chivvying, making sure that key facts are gone over again and again and again. And so it goes on relentlessly.

Meantime, we know that, shortly, this year 11, who we have loved watching grow up and maturing into young adults, will leave us and move on to the next stage of their education and lives. Relationships that have been forged over five long years will come to an end and that the lovely, smiling students, some of whom are just now starting to behave like adults, will step out of our front door for the final time. This will be very hard to watch and will fill us with sadness. However, we know that our year 11 have to leave and it is exciting to see them move in to the adult world with the brilliant opportunities it holds for them.

But as William Shakespeare’s Juliet says to her Romeo, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

Good luck year 11 in all that you do. You are a brilliant year group and we will miss you all so much. Make sure you come back and tell us all about your exciting lives after Walkden High School.

Mr S Lennox


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