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Yr 11 students drop poppies

On Wednesday, at 10:45am we finished period 2 early so that, as a whole community, we could assemble in our Atrium to hold our annual act of remembrance.

At 11:00am, one of our ex-students Tom Rowley, played the Last Post after which we held a minute’s silence. As is traditional, Tom stirred us from our quiet reflections by play Reveille. To close the act of remembrance our year 11 students dropped poppies from the second floor.

These poppies had on them thoughts and messages from year 11 about those who have lost their lives in conflict and war.

As they fell we thought about the fallen. As we held silence we thought of the silence in the fields of Flanders where poppies appeared following the First World War. In the Last Post we felt the sadness of the loss of life.

It is vitally important for us to remember that our freedoms are not built into our community. They are vulnerable. Bigotry and hatred does sometimes win, at least for a time, over tolerance and love.

Importantly the poppy represents hope. It represents re-birth and the victory of life and light over death and darkness. Reveille reminds us that the sun comes up again and that light does overcome darkness, that tolerance does overcome hatred, that love does overcome hatred.

Let us remember those who lost their lives through conflict. Let us be sad that so much pain and heartache has existed and continues to exist in the world. But more importantly, let us pick up their torch of hope and carry it forward for them shining light, tolerance and love into the darker corners of the world. Let us ensure that their sacrifice was not in vain.

We will remember them.



Simon Lennox 

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