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We are well and truly back to school now with the Christmas break feeling like a long and distant memory. In my assemblies with pupils in the first week of term I repeated some messages that I think are work repeating. I want to provide them to you as parents too so you can talk about them with your children.

I went through a presentation from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) about the law on taking,making, sharing or storing indecent images of children. GMP sent us the presentation to make sure children understood the risks involved with their mobile phones and social media. I made it clear to pupils that taking, making, sharing or storing indecent images of children is illegal. I made sure they understood that this law defines a child as anyone under the age of 18. We will be repeating a quick summary of this law for pupils in our SLT assemblies this half-term.

I also finished my assembly with a reminder that I will permanently exclude anyone who we find to:

  • Have a knife or offensive weapon on them in school
  • Have drugs on them in school (whether clearly illegal or so-called ‘legal highs’).

I warned the younger pupils about being very careful about trying to be cool by ‘looking after’ things for older pupils and told them not to do this.

I hope my message was clear - school should be a safe place where children come to learn. Dangerous items and drugs are not part of a safe learning community.

As I said to the pupils, these may not be the cheeriest of messages to start 2017 with, but they are very, very important ones.

I wish you all a very happy, safe and productive New Year.


Mr S Lennox

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