Great to see everyone back healthy and rested

Yr7 settle well. Students deal with changes maturely

It’s been great to see everyone back healthy and rested following our summer holidays. Our year 7 have settled in very quickly and have quickly become part of the Walkden family.

Our change to our approach to mobile phones/devices has been dealt with very maturely by our students and we have had very few issues in lessons or in social time regarding mobile devices. It is so nice to see our pupils talking to one another at break and lunchtime as opposed to sitting on phones playing Candy Crush or updating their status. Interestingly there were articles in the educational press over the summer holiday about the possible links between schools that ban mobiles and higher academic achievement. We hope that behaviour generally will improve and that as a result learning will benefit. Thank you to all of the very supportive parents we’ve spoken to so far this year. Your support in making this change is really, really important.

I am also very impressed by the excellent standard of uniform as we start the year. Our pupils take great pride in being Walkden STARS and being proud of our school is an essential part of that. Our STARS ethos stands for Sensible, Thoughtful, Ambitious, Respectful & Supportive – these are qualities we are working to develop in both the pupils and staff in our community, with ambition right at the heart of what we do.

Part of increasing our ambition has been that we are now setting pupils targets for the end of each year that would lead to them making four levels of progress over their time here. This is challenging and very ambitious. Please talk to your child about their target grades and talk to them about aiming high and working hard, as I have done in my assemblies this week. If we are all swimming in same direction then it’s amazing what we can achieve.

We’ve had a fantastic first week. Let’s have many, many more like it. Welcome to Walkden.


Simon Lennox

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