Puzzle Day

We invited the Happy Puzzle Company in to our school to work with Maths students in years 7 & 8. The students worked together in teams to solve various challenging and thought provoking puzzles. The objective of the exercise was for students to build on their thinking skills and team work through fun games and problem solving.

The Happy Puzzle Company commented on the exceptional behaviour and enthusiasm of our pupils. Overall it was a fantastic day which all the pupils really enjoyed.

Nicky Hill - G&T Co-Ordinator


After we had completed all the puzzles, we couldn't believe this was simply maths. I am really glad I am in set 1 because this was the best maths lesson I ever had!

Julia - 7D



On the Puzzle Day, we split into groups of 6. There were 10 puzzles that we could try, our group managed to do 6. They were a bit difficult, one of the puzzles we had to complete was a jigsaw which had to make a road.

Harry - 7D



Before the Christmas break my set 1 maths group did an hour of maths related games with a company called the Happy Puzzle Company. We did all sorts of different activities and experimented with some optical illusions.

My favourite part was when we split up into groups of five and did a mini game, where we did an optical illusion. We stared at a black and white spinning disk for about two minutes, then looked at the person next to us and it looked like their faces were melting! It was amazing!

Another activity was when we had some different shapes and we had to make them into one big square, it took ages but we finally did it! Then we had to make it into a rectangle! It was really challenging but a fun game!

I can't think of any negative points about it all because everything was so fun!

Caitlin - 7E



On the 16th December 2009, I had the chance to meet other Year 8 pupils in maths workshop. I enjoyed working in groups to solve puzzles and problems that we were set.

We had to build a pipe with only one entrance and exit, work out fun maths riddles and work in teams to think of different ways to solve problems.

I benefitted from the workshop by working with others and sharing out ideas. It also helped me to be more creative and look at different ways to solve problems.

I didn't realise how fun maths could be. I had a great time.

Adam - 8N



In December, the Happy Puzzle Company came into our school. We sat in random groups as they introduced themselves. We were given puzzles, not a picture puzzle, it was more complex. I figured it out with my group and moved on to the next puzzle. It was better than I thought! At the end they showed us this cool trick where the skin on your hand moves, cool but weird. I enjoyed that day and wish every Maths Lesson was the same!

Mohammed - Year 7



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